Olympic philatelic collecting brought to life at the British Library

1908 Olympic Poster by an unkown artist, lost until recently (c) Private collection / IOC

Olympex 2012: Collecting the Olympic Games, 25 July to 9 September, the British Library, St Pancras – admission FREE

The history, symbolism and personal stories of the Olympic Games will come to life through philately this summer at a special exhibition presented by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the British Library.

Olympex 2012: Collecting the Olympic Games is a visually striking exhibition that will use postage stamps, postcards, letters, programmes and maps to provide unique insights into the Olympic Games, past and present. Beginning with the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, Olympex 2012 will also focus on the London Games in 1908 and 1948, bringing the story into the present day with the London 2012 Games.

Reflecting the manner in which the Olympic spirit touches the individual spirit, the exhibition is drawn largely from the philatelic collections of private individuals. The interests of these individual collectors give this exhibition a unique character and demonstrate how each of us can become involved in curating the Olympic story.

More than 2,500 stamps will feature, tracing the way that Olympic iconography has evolved across more than a century. Also included are handwritten postcards and letters from athletes, spectators and public figures – recording with vivid immediacy the ways in which the Games touched their lives.

IOC President Jacques Rogge said: “The IOC is delighted to have the British Library as its partner in this exhibition. The Library’s international reputation for bringing stories to life makes it the natural home for this fascinating and unique view of Olympic history.”

Frances Brindle, the British Library’s Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications, said: “The British Library is thrilled to be working with the IOC on Olympex 2012. Each stamp, postcard and letter to be featured tells a story – understanding who sent them, and to whom, gives very personal insights into historical events.”

Olympex 2012: Collecting the Olympic Games is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The exhibition will be held in the Front Hall of the British Library, St Pancras, from 25 July to 9 September. Admission is free.

Further information is available from the British Library website.

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1908Programme<br />cover,which<br />continuestobeused<br />anddescribedatthe<br />'poster'image(c)<br />Privatecollection/<br />IOC

1908 programme cover - programmes with this design were issued for each day of the summer Olympic events in the stadium.  The image has been and continues to be widely, but incorrectly reproduced described as the “poster” image (c) Prviate collection / IOC

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Leptastampissued<br />bytheGreekPost<br />Office-1896(c)<br />Privatecollection/<br />IOC

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1908OlympicPoster<br />byanunkownartist,<br />lostuntilrecently<br />(c)Private<br />collection/IOC

This poster by an unknown artist was lost until recently.  No copy is held in BOA archives, nor by the IOC, one reason being that the poster was in fact prepared by the organisers of the Franco-British Exhibition. A copy of the image was known on a folder describing the Olympic stadium, but it was research by members of the Society of Olympic Collectors that established it was the poster image – a postcard exists showing the poster in situ.

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