Experience rare medieval ‘Sacred’ texts with the latest British Library eBook Treasures

Lutterell Psalter on iPad

The Luttrell Psalter, William Tyndale’s New Testament and Sultan Baybar’s Qur’an are the latest in the series of eBook Treasures to be released by the British Library.

The Luttrell Psalter is regarded as one of the most important medieval books in the world. A Psalter is a book of psalms which is often accompanied by other material such as church calendars. But the Luttrell Psalter is much more than that. Made for Sir Geoffrey Luttrell in Lincolnshire, between 1325 and 1335, it is regarded as a masterpiece of the illuminators art, containing hundreds of lavishly decorated pages, containing many rare depictions of everyday medieval life, from work in the fields to drinking games.

iPad users will be able to enjoy viewing this exquisite treasure in close up detail. The written and audio interpretative material brings the manuscript to life helping the users begin to understand the beauty and significance of this outstanding treasure.

The eBook also includes a 20 minute film produced by WAG Screen, inspired by the images contained in the margins of the Psalter.

The complete version of the Luttrell Psalter retails at £9.99 and a highlights version can also be purchased for £4.99. Both versions are available for download worldwide on the iBookstore.

Only three copies of William Tyndale’s English translation of the New Testament printed in 1526 are known to survive. The copy in the British Library is regarded as a treasured possession, for (unlike the two others) it has been beautifully illuminated. The text was once considered revolutionary and subversive as it gave the layman the chance to read the Scriptures for themselves and it has since been absorbed into subsequent English-language Bibles most importantly, the King James Bible of 1611. The British Library has now made The Tyndale New Testament available as an eBook Treasure and once again makes this Sacred text widely available so as iPad users can experience the power and beauty of William Tyndale’s language.

The Sultan Baybars’ Qur’an is one of the most magnificent Qur’ans in the British Library. Produced in Cairo in seven volumes between 1304 and 1306 AD (704-705 in the Muslim calendar) it is named after the Mamluk ruler who commissioned it, Rukn al-Din Baybars al-Jashnagir. It is the earliest dated Qur’an of the Mamluk period. This eBook Treasures version contains selected highlights from all seven volumes and features interpretative materials and traditional chants.

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"Established in 1993, Armadillo Systems develop award-winning applications to provide access and interpretation for libraries and museums. We work with some of the greatest institutions in the world and are developers of the original Turning the Pages software. eBookTreasures marks the beginning of our effort to make the greatest books in the world available to everyone. More information on the company is available at www.armadillosystems.com, and on eBookTreasures at www.ebooktreasures.org."


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